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Scarves! Scarves! Scarves!

And onesies. And notecards. And pillows. And vases.

Last summer I took a workshop with Miriam Jacobs on ice dyeing. It took place over a lovely June weekend at Peters Valley School of Craft , and that's all I expected it to be: a lovely weekend.

But when I figured out how to do it at home, it became an itch. And then a bit of an obsession.

Which leads me to today's announcement. This weekend, I will put a ton of my hand-dyed scarves (cotton, silk and velvet) out for sale at a one-day-only craft fair. Joining me will be my friends Rolla Herman and Sonia Rapaport. Rolla will have some wonderful large wool sofa pillows for sale and Sonia will be offering vases, plates and other ceramic pieces.

This one-day craft fair will be 1 to 5 pm on Saturday Dec. 10 at my place, 87 Adams Terrace, in Clifton. Please join us, and you can wander down to my downstairs studio if you like and check out my paintings. (Park is a spot marked with a G for guest, if possible)

Oh and I have onesies, too! Plus some prints and notecards of my iPad art, which some of you have been following.

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